Open for more than 50 years, Pico Mountain has been home to a number of world class athletes and is prized as one of oldest and best ski resorts in New England. With a strong tradition of family skiing, ski racing and skier development, the ski racing program at Pico has produced numerous championship alpine ski racers; from local "stars" to those with international recognition.

Since the early 1950's, Pico skiers have been competing at the highest state and regional levels for all age groups. Success at regional events often results in qualification for national and international meets. Even in the early years, travel costs for distant events were often cost prohibitive for athletes and their families.

In 1977, founding Directors; Harry "Rebel" Ryan, Erling Omland, Jim Gilbert, Dr.Tom Maletta, Bruce Belden, John Southworth and David Nelson established the Pico Ski Education Foundation, a non-profit entity, as a vehicle to raise funds and community awareness for local skiing athletes and to provide scholarships to help cover athlete expenses.

Throughout the 1980's, several area athletes received PSEF scholarships to travel and attendance at U.S. Junior Olympic and other regional and national events.

In the 1990's, the U.S. Skiing Developmental Program was restructured to focus more heavily on regional events. In response, PSEF focused their efforts on the support of the Pico Ski Club (PSC) Alpine Racing program; purchasing race equipment to lower overall operating expenses, and offering skiers scholarships in order and encourage more young athletes to participate in the sport.

Consistent with its tradition, PSEF continues to support programs designed to encourage young athletes to participate in the sport of ski racing and support the alpine racing program at Pico Mountain.


PSEF Scholarships have supported athletes at the following events: Junior Olympics, Future Stars, Whistler Shootout Events, Snowboard US Championships, Winter X-Games, National Ski Patrol Program.

Available scholarships through PSEF include:

Harry Ryan Scholarship:  Scholarship in the amount of $1500 for up to two (2) recipients, Pico Racers aged U12 through U21, to attend to a ski race related camp or dry land training camp for the summer/fall season. (Application for 2018 scholarship)

Andrea Mead Lawrence Scholarship: Scholarships each given to both male and female Pico Racers at the U14 and U16 levels with the best overall results for the season. 

Sarah Will Scholarship: Scholarship given to each a male and female athlete at the U16 to U21 level that has been nominated by their coach and has exemplified the "Pico Athlete” through their determination, sportsmanship, internal strength and dedication.

PSEF History of Funding Projects
In addition to the Pico Ski Club Training Center at the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge at Pico, equipment purchases made by PSEF for the Pico Ski Club Racing Program include:
Computers Timing Equipment Safety Fencing
Communications (PA, radios) Snowmobiles Coaches' Uniforms
Start and Finish Line Equipment Ski Tuning Supplies Race Course Tools and Drills
GS Gates and Panels Brush Gates Slalom Poles
Video Equipment Timing Room Renovations Training Venue Improvements
Heritage Projects
Andrea Mead Lawrence Tribute Harry "Rebel" Ryan Tribute
PSC 60th Anniversary Celebration Rick & Suzy Chaffee Tribute
Photo Archives for Pico Resort "Coach" Greg McClallen Tribute