Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports and the Pico Ski Education Foundation have joined forces to build a flagship, four-season headquarters for their athletes, programs, participants, volunteers, and events.

Coming Together to Redefine Ability: Performance / Excellence / Ability / Knowledge

This collaborative partnership provides the means for creating a dynamic, multi-use building with opportunity and accessibility to all: This 6,000 square-foot facility will be a year-round hub of activity for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports and the Pico Ski Education Foundation and will offer a greater level of programming, athletic training and team building to children of all ages and abilities.

Construction began in October 2012 and in December 2012, we were honored to announce the name of this new facility:

Skiing icon and Olympic Gold Medalist, Andrea Mead Lawrence (1932 – 2009) provides inspiration to children and adults of all abilities, especially those who are drawn to mountains of Vermont.

Her roots began at Pico Mountain where she grew up skiing with her family at the ski area started by her parents, Brad and Janet Mead. She became the first American alpine skier to win two gold medals in any Winter Olympics (1952) and was named the “Greatest Winter Olympian of All Time” in 2002.

Not only was Andrea a celebrated athlete, she was a devoted mother, community activist and highly respected environmental advocate.

"You can only be a world class athlete so many years, it is what you do with the rest of your life that counts." AML

As Pico Mountain begins to celebrate its 75th Anniversary, it makes perfect sense to keep her legacy at the forefront of the skiing community. This building, named in her honor, will do just that.

To learn more about the Andrea Mead Lawrence (PEAK) Lodge at Pico Mountain, take a few moments to watch these informative videos provided by PEG-TV

Detailed information on the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge at Pico Mountain can also be found in our brochure: