Pico Peak - Grassroots Beginnings

Brad & Janet Mead

Open since 1937, Pico Mountain has been home to a number of world class athletes and is prized as one of oldest and best ski resorts in New England. With a strong tradition of family skiing, ski racing and skier development, the ski racing program at Pico has produced numerous championship alpine ski racers; from local "stars" to those with international recognition. 

Ski Racing Excellence

Andrea Mead Lawrence

Pico skiers have been competing at the highest state and regional levels for all age groups. Success at regional events often results in qualification for national and international meets. Sadly, travel costs for distant events were often cost prohibitive for athletes, prohibiting them from reaching their full potential.  

Racer Support

Harry "Rebel" Ryan

In 1977, founding Directors; Harry "Rebel" Ryan, Erling Omland, Jim Gilbert, Dr.Tom Maletta, Bruce Belden, John Southworth and David Nelson established the Pico Ski Education Foundation as a vehicle to raise funds and community awareness for local skiing athletes and to provide scholarships to help cover athlete expenses.

Program Support


In the 1990's, the U.S. Skiing Developmental Program was restructured to focus more heavily on regional events. In response, PSEF focused their efforts on the support of the Pico Ski Club (PSC) Alpine Racing Program.

PSEF Today


By purchasing racing and training equipment, and supplementing funds needed for administrative and coaching fees, PSEF is able to help lower overall operating expenses. It is for this reason, PSC is able to keep their fees at minimum, offering a high quality, yet more affordable racing program

...and Tomorrow


In addition, each year PSEF offers several racer scholarships to deserving PSC athletes to help further their athletic development and pursue their dreams of ski racing.